Samuel raises his daughter alone. He believes that a child’s upbringing must be strict. Once, all Lilith’s class got together to go on a field trip. Lilith did not ask her father for permission to go camping. The girl just put her things into the backpack. For the whole week Samuel did not see his daughter.

Lilith lives together with her father Samuel in their own house. Her mother ran away from her father with a lover long time ago. Because of that, the father has raised his daughter alone. When Lilith was a very little girl, Samuel bathed her by himself. Time has passed, so the daughter has grown up. Yet that means

So right after his little saucy daughter came back home, the father went into her room. Lilith was just unloading her backpack. Samuel took the tennis racket and struck on her buttocks hard with it.

nothing to Samuel so that as before he keeps on coming to the bathroom when Lilith takes a shower. And Lilith stands obediently in the shower and waits for Samuel to clean up her body.

Lilith studies at the university as a freshman-year student. Lilith has been raised by her father only. After the first semester, when Lilith came back home for holidays, the gal looked like she grew up a lot.Each and every night Samuel bathed his daughter and checked up on her pudenda.

On one weekend Samuel watched a TV program on female hygiene. It was said it was necessary even for teenage girls to look after their genitalia. After that he decided to check up on his daughter’s hygiene by himself. Samuel came into her room and ordered his daughter to get naked.

On that night he wanted to check up on her private parts once again, but she refused. Then Samuel got a belt and spanked well his hussy daughter and Samuel looked over vagina by force.

So Lilith took off her panties and stood au naturel in front of her father. Samuel forced her to stand on all fours. Then he spread her cunt wide-open with fingers and carefully looked over her vagina.

Samuel raises his daughter alone. He rigorously looks after her female hygiene. There are no women other than Lilith in their house so that every night Samuel himself checks up on how carefully his daughter bathes. Every night Lilith goes to her father’s room. Then Samuel strips her off

Each and every night her father comes to Lilith’s room with a belt. Even if the girl has behaved well, she is going to get spanked every night. Lilith got used to that. When Samuel enters her room, his daughter takes off her panties and just lies down on the sofa. If the girl has behaved well,

and looks over her virgin body. He checks up on the growth of her breasts, touches her pussy, and spreads her cunt wide-open with fingers. Only after that the daughter can go to bed.

Samuel strikes just a very little on her small naked butts with his belt. But if Lilith has not washed her dishes or, perhaps, received bad grades at school, she is going to get spanked very hard.

As time has passed, the little girl has grown up. Her tiny breasts have become much bigger. And her butts have become quite round. So her father decided to see if the daughter had got any pubes. He called on Lilith to go to a bathroom, ordered her to get naked. When Lilith did so,Samuel was able

Lilith has been raised by her father alone because her mother left the family, when Lilith was just a little baby. Time has passed, so the father has noticed that his daughter started to behave differently. Because she has begun to behave like an adult, her father has decided to check up if she did mature. Samuel stripped

to notice that his daughter’s pussy was all covered with soft, silken hair. Then Samuel asked for her to take a shower. After that he and soaped her pussy and shaved clean her virgin pubis.

his daughter, carefully looked over her body, and fingered her virgin breasts. Then he made her pussy wide-open with two fingers to look over her vagina. He found out that Lilith was still a virgin.

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